Ambionics Business Changeover

September 25, 2019 Off By Ben Ryan

Dear friends and followers

Until the business changeover has completed we will not be able to accept donations or process payments.

As you know ‘Ambionics International Limited’ is in the process of being dissolved following the merger with Glaze Prosthetics earlier this year. All remaining equipment and assets, including the website and domain, social media, are being donated to the non profit company that will carry our initiative forward – Ambionics Limited

Ambionics Limited was incorporated as a Social Enterprise / Non Profit / Limited by Guarantee company with no equity and no shareholders.
It was left dormant following advice that we should try to secure a patent and raise investment. As you may know the patent application was successful but the investment we were working towards with the Development Bank of Wales was not.

Sadly due to a banking error at Santander we have had to contend with serious delays in setting up a bank account for the surviving company. Once the changeover has completed we will make new banking arrangements. For the time being though Ambionics Limited will remain dormant.

Many thanks

Ben and Family