Ambionics Ecuador!

July 25, 2018 Off By Ben Ryan

Ambionics has entered into an agreement with the Riobamba Polytechnic College, Chimborazo [ESPOCH].  We’re carrying out the ground work to open the first free Ambionics clinic there – Ambionics Ecuador.

With support from Autodesk we’re training biomedical students around the world to design and manufacture digital prosthetics in FDA approved materials.

To do this we’re taking advantage of the twelve Surface Pro tablets donated by Microsoft.  These have  been sent to locations around the world including East Africa, Albania, Australia and now Ecuador. We are coordinating everything through Microsoft Teams.

Our goal is to create clinics across Latin America under free license in order to help the hundreds of families who have reached out to us.  Two thirds of all enquiries for our services come from this region.  This allows Ambionics to deliver impact immediately while developing the franchise for private clinics in the US and Europe.