Children born with congenital limb differences do not have a sense of limb loss and naturally develop compensatory skills for bi manual activities. As a consequence, children will only actually use a prostheses when they feel it really benefits them.  The results Ben is generating through early intervention speak for themselves.

– Dr Matthew Dyson, Intelligent Sensing Laboratory, School of Engineering,
Newcastle University

Ambionics uses additive manufacturing techniques and a hydraulic solution inspired by nature to make lightweight, yet functional, prostheses that are appropriate for children. The prosthetic hand produced by Ambionics has amazing clinical value which we believe will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn just how prostheses can integrated during infancy and childhood.

– Dr Kia Nazarpour Intelligent Sensing Laboratory, School of Engineering,
Newcastle University

We met Ben early on in his journey with Ambionics through our links with Autodesk and have been in regular contact since, offering advice with aspects of 3D printing. Ben’s own personal journey along with that of Ambionics is exceptionally compelling and testament to what one person with access to some modern manufacturing tech and the desire to make a real difference in people’s lives can achieve.

– Dr Chris Purssell, Warwick University School of Engineering

Ben has gone from having essentially no background in product design to becoming an expert in designing and manufacturing ‘digital prosthetics’. His passion for innovation, willingness to challenge convention and humble attitude make him a perfect example of a start-up founder that will change the lives of many people all over the world.

– Simon Leigh, Associate Professor, Warwick University School of Engineering

Ambionics’ work in prosthetics for children is not only innovative, but also has the potential to make real change in the field. Affordable prostheses for children has a big potential specifically for developing countries and I believe Ambionics is doing a lot to bring benefits to such communities. I am part of Ambionics Health Advisory Board and very glad to go above and beyond to support this initiative through constructive collaboration

– Professor Khaled Goher, Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Automation,
University of Lincoln

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s research and development department supports the work being carried out at Ambionics, which has the potential to revolutionise the care of infants with upper limb differences.

– Dr Nefyn Williams, Director of Innovation, BCUHB, NHS Wales

Ambionics is a representation of many things to me, not only is Ben pulling himself up by the bootstraps to help his son, he’s demonstrably proven that the prosthetics world is ready for a paradigm shift, particularly when it comes to how we think about prosthetics for children. What really excites me about this is how Ben is able to work in a true, pure digital method, allowing him to connect with parents and clients from all over the world.”

– Paul Sohi, Product Designer, Autodesk

3D printing has been around for many years for rapid prototyping and is only recently creating waves in manufacturing across many key industrial sectors in the U.K. The potential for 3D printing in advancing healthcare technology is significant. The proposition and creative genius of Ambionics in using 3D printing and new materials to the benefit of prosthetics has the potential to revolutionise the lives of thousands of children (and adults) in the U.K. alone. I believe this product is a true game changer that creates a significant step change in the field of prosthetics.”

– Dr Louise Jones, 3D printing/Additive manufacturing lead, Knowledge Transfer Network

This case is indicative of 3D printing’s ability to improve lives by overcoming the traditional barriers of low-volume manufacturing, We continue to support and enable innovators like Ben to bring customization to mainstream prosthetics manufacture

– Scott Rader, General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, Stratasys.


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