ORUK / FutSci approve Ambionics’ research proposal

February 13, 2018 Off By Ben Ryan

Orthopaedic Research UK / FutSci

We are delighted to inform you that Ambionics’ research proposal to Orthopaedic Research UK / FutSci has been accepted following peer review.

We’re thrilled by the decision as it means that Ambionics will be the first medical device company to use a new type of crowd funding platform.

We are hoping to raise £16,000 ($22,000) which will be put towards funding our ground breaking research with Warwick University and Autodesk.

We’ll sign off with two of the expert medical opinions from the peer review process…

“I have been aware of additive manufacturing developments in medical devices and engaged with many experts in this field. I think the project focuses on an area that means children will be more likely to respond to a full prosthetic later in life and ultimately this yields a far better quality of life for the patients in the long term. The potential to remove the stigma associated with prosthetics is significant with this project. Once the team has moved to new premises this will undoubtedly accelerate the project and delivery”.

I have some experience with an orthotics centre. One of the most disappointing aspects is non-use of expensive prostheses. Therefore the justification for early provision of an effective prosthesis is accepted. I note the family motivation for this development and regard it as a bonus not a disadvantage.  There is other work in this area but this proposal seems to be sensibly motivated and (I hope achievable).”